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Adobe Acrobat Reader Professional 9 Download Gratuito Italiano

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Adobe Acrobat Reader Professional 9 Download Gratuito Italiano

Here it is eventually, entirely developed by OCZ SSD virtually. adobe acrobat reader professional 9 download gratuito italiano but it turned out after that by Marvell controllers rebadgs hid in fact made behind Everest 1 and 2. However, this new SSD Vector is indeed equipped with Indilinx Indilinx controller designed by and fabricated by a subsidiary company of OCZ, called Barefoot 3, which also gained from your expertise of PLX acquired in October 2011. Without OCZ is able to verify this information, it is said that burning the controller 65 nm is supplied by the foundry TSMC, while it would be 400 MHz RISC directions and work under 32 bit. With firmware developed by OCZ engineers, so that is a cocktail the manufacturer OCZ (currently struggling) needed to animate volatile marketplace flash memory storage. Speaking of flash, of course evoke NAND chips used for this Vector by OCZ. Without much surprise, behind the OCZ logo and reference number on the 14 modules that make up the SSD, we find in fact the exact same chip as fitted to the Vertex 4 of the mark, specifically the synchronous MLC engraved in 25 nm by Intel Micron joint venture. Created, so this parameter is being put aside by this when we speak ofDellXPSM1330fully. Having said that, these memory chips have revealed their gains previously and understand that they're the same as those teams Vertex 4 is an excellent thing because it will enable us to see if the optimizations torque controller / firmware to bear fruit. Note that at the opening of the SSD that adopts a 2.5 "and a depth of just 7 mm, we find a record of quite classical, with memory chips installed on each side of the PCB and a controller which heat is removed by the existence of a single small heat pad. adobe acrobat reader professional 9 download gratuito italiano and 2.25 W supported. The side of the packaging, OCZ publication as usual but neat compact bundle, including the SSD, fasteners, adapter to slot 3.5 "still useful for those old cartons or overburdened discs in 2.5 "not to mention a license to use the software Acronis True Image HD will be useful for creating and managing disk images. In contrast, no SATA cable inside the bundle. Enjoy it elsewhere to close this presentation by saying the SSD uses SATA connectivity 3-6 Gbps. TheHPG4Batteryunit is guaranteed for 5 years by the manufacturer, a precision finishes installing this product in the high end drives sold on the mainstream marketplace. For this test, we picked a total of 20 to compare SSD operation ski and used our bike that was regular in this product group: Configuration de test : Processeur :Intel Core i7-3960X 3,30 Ghz Carte mre :Intel DX79SI Ventirad :Noctua NH-D14 RAM :Corsair Payback 2 x 4 Go DDR3 1600 MHz Stockage :SSD Corsair Performance Pro 256 Go Alimentation :Seasonic 850W 80Plus Gold OS :Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits Up evaluations It's like our typical with Crystal Disk Mark as we start our series of tests. This applications enables you to judge the operation of the drives on data that is incompressible supports that we're working with an incredibly strong version with Vector. As proof, he goes in serial speeds of 512 MB / s read and 506 MB / s write, rising the fastest, quite close into a 840 Ace Samsung. In random, is still very great bases, to 432 MB / s read and 495 MB particularly / s write, a location in which he is the quickest of all. We additionally useHPG6Batteryas year in which the vector is read out especially with 90,061, a repository side IOPS IOPS, more than in writing tops out at 67,214 IOPS. where it That is less than the by promoted 100,000 and 95,000 OCZ, which - however - performs its tests under IOmeter. Past the surprise of seeing curves HD Tune out not always quite smooth, but verify excellent access time (0.065 ms 0.037 ms reading and writing), the curves ATTO lifts are very great. On highly compressible data, the vector acts nicely, reaching 558 and 534 MB / s sequential write and read, and 419 and 514 MB / s read and write random on larger block sizes. This is part of the best discs, a few MB / s. In contrast, the small blocks, including 4K, functionality is a little less outlandish. Sequentially, vector beams a little less reading and writing, to ensure random is as bad, but still above average. Side testsHPG7Batterymore practical, such as AS SSD which mimics special tasks such as copies of directories, the Vector is doing quite logically, from the great hound Neutron GTX Corsair, and no less than the quite good 840 Pro Samsung up impressive speeds of 348 MB / s copy of an ISO image, and 272 MB / s on a game that test suite Storage PCMark 7, the Vector is a bit against less prominent, with the overall score of 4779 points, far enough in the Vertex 4 of exactly the same brand that continues to lead this season in our comparison with 5185 points. However, the exercise of a RAR archive file decompression seeking both the disk read and write is unafraid to Vector, which the evaluation loop with a few tens of seconds ahead of a lot of good competitions, before all others. Where the vector is the same degree as the greatest a row that have a tendency to affirm the file copy tests. Its merchandise is managed by oCZ, but at what cost? At the end of the chain of evaluations, it's important to understand the qualities of Vector OCZ, which in many regions OCZ overrides the other with the same processors as the four great Vertex. adobe acrobat reader professional 9 download gratuito italiano the OCZ Vector deserves the attention of wealthy amateurs. Tags: DellLatitudeE6320,LatitudeE6420batteries,LatitudeE6420ATG

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